Our Company

Cedrus is one of the largest commercial and industrial companies that has been successfully operating in the Russian market since 1998. The main areas of business activities of our company are manufacture and sale of high-quality dry-mix products for all stages of construction. 


Years of experience, steady development, sensitive attention to the needs of our customers, and focusing on the end user are the terms of the success of Cedrus and the basis of its concept. From the very first day of the company’s existence, we have been working on improving our products. It is that and our ability to keep abreast of the current market as well as the credibility of our partners, the team spirit of our employees who are aimed at the highest results improve our efficiency in work. As a result, we offer manufacture of dry mixtures of the highest quality and demonstrate rapid growth and active development of our production facilities.

Systematic investment in the development of our production plants, constant expansion of the range of manufactured products, an efficient logistics system, and highly qualified staff all contribute to Cedrus’s reputation of a reliable and reputable manufacturer.

                                                                                                                                                                         Cedrus Trading Company