Our Advantages

1. High-Quality and Unique Products

  • 5 Brands in Various Price Categories.
  • A wide product portfolio of our company includes more than 200 products: modified dry mixtures, simple cement-sand mixture, and raw materials.
  • Our unique product system allows offering the consumer complete solutions for industrial and private construction.

2. Adjusted and Technological Manufacturing Facilities

  • Production according to modern technologies with the use of equipment manufactured by leading European companies.
  • High-quality raw materials for the production.
  • A 6-step control system for quality and stability of characteristics of manufactured products.

3. Extensive and Structured Sales Network

  • Our product brands are widely represented in more than 50 regions of the Russian Federation.
  • Our wide sales network covers the largest distribution companies in Russia (SaturnStroyMarket, TekhnoNIKOL, RDS Story) to federal DIY construction hypermarkets (Leroy Merlin, Castorama, Obi, K-Rauta) to small retail stores.
  • Sales of products through a dedicated network of dealers.

4. Effective Promotion

  • High awareness of “Osnovit” and “Master Hartz” brand names among consumers.
  • Efficient use of marketing activities aimed at different sales channels and at different types of consumers.

5. Service and Logistics

  • Convenient location, availability of large storage space, and high production capacity ensure the continued availability of our products to the consumer.
  • Provision of the best technical support among competitors: prompt and professional provision of consultation services over the phone (technical support), on the Internet (Online consultant), and at construction sites.

6. Well-Coordinated and Experienced Team

  • Years of experience and high professionalism of our employees ensure the success of our company and our customers.
  • The Cedrus company places great importance on raising the professional level of our employees and have established a training center on the basis of our company.