Stages of Development


The Company was founded.

1998 - 2003:

Commissioning of four production lines for ordinary cement-sand mixtures.


Creation of a professional control and research base and a certified laboratory.


Commissioning of a new line for the production of modified mixtures under the “Osnovit” brand name.


Opening of a cement transshipment base in Lukhovitsy. Market launch of additional products: construction and dry sand (bulk loaded and pre-packaged).


Opening of the Oktyabrsky sand quarry.


Commissioning of an additional line for the production of modified mixtures. Market launch of ordinary cement-sand mixtures manufactured since 1998 under a new brand name (“Master Gartz”). Market launch of two new brands: “StroyBrig” (in the segment of modified mixtures) and “Zapas” (in the segment of cement-sand mixtures). Opening of a representative office in St. Petersburg.

2010 - 2011:

Complete overhaul of production lines based on the latest technology has allowed our company to increase its production capacity and to expand the product line of specialized products in the field of waterproofing and thermal insulation systems for facades. Stroymontazh MS Trading Company was included in the ten largest producers of dry construction mixtures in the Russian Federation.


Opening of representative offices in the Cities of Samara, Nizhny Novgorod, and Krasnodar.


Doubling the production capacity of the plant due to the launch of a new high-tech production line for dry construction mixtures. The new stage of development of the company begins with its new name: Cedrus. Our company takes the 3rd place in the Moscow region in terms of sales according to experts.


Commencement of construction of a plant in the dynamic region of southern Russia (the City of Nevinnomyssk). Market launch of the “INDASTRO” brand name for industrial construction.

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