Product Portfolio of Our Company



ТМ OSNOVIT is a comprehensive solution for construction, repair, and finishing operations that is developed with the use of the world’s best technologies. The range of the brand comprises a wide range of materials (inclusive of specialized materials) that are ideally suited to the needs of each customer. OsnovitTM materials are used in the construction of social facilities and commercial and residential real estate. This product line includes the following solutions:

  • Solutions for walls and floor alignment;
  • Facade solutions;
  • Solutions for tiling and stone facing;
  • Solutions for decorative and ordinary masonry.



ТМ INDASTRO is designed for comprehensive solution of specific problems in industrial and infrastructure construction. The product line of this brand includes the following solutions:

  • SMARTSCREEN waterproofing systems;
  • NEORGON grouting systems;
  • PROFSCREEN systems for repair and protection of concrete;
  • INNOLINE systems for installation of equipment and structures;



ТМ Stroy Brig is designed to provide construction professionals with modern and high-quality materials for construction and finishing operations with the use of mechanized technology and machinery. The use of Stroy BrigTM construction mixtures optimizes the work process, provides for a faster performance, savings in materials and resources, and an increase in the economic efficiency. This brand name includes:

  • Tile adhesives
  • Floor installation mixtures
  • Plasters and putties
  • Primers
  • Masonry mortars



The range of Master GartzTM includes optimal and reliable solutions for traditional operations in the field of construction of buildings and preliminary buildout. All the products of this brand are certified according to applicable provisions of the current legislation and fully comply with the requirements for modern construction materials. This brand name includes:

  • All-purpose mixtures
  • Sand concrete
  • Installation and masonry mixtures
  • Plaster



TM Zapas - is a simple cement-sand mixture in an affordable price range that complies with all the standards and requirements for dry construction mixtures. Products of this brand are in demand among builders who want to obtain a quality result at the lowest cost. This brand name includes:

  • All-purpose mixtures
  • Sand concrete
  • Plaster