Areas of activity

Sedrus is a Russian company with an extensive experience in the field of industrial activities and demonstrates a high dynamics of development.

The basic factors of successful activity of our company are its energetic efforts in the following areas.

Manufacture and Sales:

  • a wide product portfolio that includes more than 120 products;
  • a unique product development system that allows for offering complete construction solutions to our consumers;
  • seven manufacturing lines that are equipped with machinery manufactured in Finland and Germany;
  • high-quality raw materials for the production of high-standard products;
  • a 6-step control system for quality and stability of characteristics of manufactured products;
  • sales of products in more than 50 regions of the Russian Federation.

Research Activities:

  • a modern laboratory of the scientific and technological research center, which is equipped according to international standards;
  • fundamental studies of the properties of developed products and raw materials;
  • high levels of qualification and experience of the specialists of our R&D Center;
  • cooperation with leading research institutes in the field of construction materials and technologies in Russia and Europe.

Extraction and Processing of Construction Materials:

  • own sand quarry with a reserve of 15,000,000 tons of raw materials;
  • modern equipment for sand drying and fractionation;
  • own transshipment base for handling and packing of cement in Lukhovitsy.