Extraction and Processing of Construction Materials

Since 2008, Sedrus has been developing fields in the Oktyabrsky sand quarry, which is located on the left bank of the Oka River in the vicinity of the village of Oktyabrsky in Kolomna district.

The Oktyabrsky quarry is equipped with modern facilities, which include excavation, crushing, and transport machinery for nonmetalliferous materials. Extraction of raw materials is implemented with the use of the hydraulic excavation method.


The excavated sand belongs to the first class of construction materials and complies with the Uniform Sanitary and Epidemiological and Hygienic Requirements for Products Subject to Sanitary-Epidemiological Control as confirmed by the conclusion of the Federal Service for Supervision of Consumer Rights and Human Rights Protection No. T-1379 issued on August 15, 2012.

Sand from the Oktyabrsky quarry is used:

  • as a filler in dry construction mixtures;
  • as a component in ready-to-use mortars and concretes on mineral binding bases;
  • as a filtering layer during roadway maintenance operations;
  • as a component during landscape design and construction of sports facilities;
  • as a component in the manufacture of roll waterproofing materials and shingles.

The Oktyabrsky quarry extracts more than 370,000 cubic meters of sand and gravel mixtures per year.

Maikop Gypsum Processing Plant

Since 2015, the complex for the extraction and processing of construction materials of Cedrus company has included a gypsum processing plant located in Podgorny village near the town of Maikop.


Currently, the main activity of the plant is processing of gypsum into an environmentally friendly construction plaster of grades G-5, G-6, and G-7 and manufacture of dry construction mixtures on gypsum binding base.

The gypsum production process is fully automated. Quality control is implemented by our own laboratory, which is equipped with modern facilities for production testing.