Manufacture and Sales

Since the founding of the Sedrus company, manufacturing processes have been implemented with the use of modern technologies and on the equipment of leading European manufacturers, which ensures the high quality of our products.

Currently, the product portfolio of our company is represented in the construction market by the following brands: “Osnovit,” “Stroy Brig,” “Indastro,” “Master Gartz,” and “Zapas.”


Cedrus seeks to become a leader in the domestic market of construction materials, and, therefore, we sell our products through a constantly evolving distribution network. To date, the sales geography of our company covers more than 50 regions of the Russian Federation and is represented in the largest distribution companies (Saturn TekhnoNIKOL, RDS) to federal DIY construction hypermarkets (Leroy Merlin, Castorama, OBI, K-Rauta) to small retail shops.

Consumers of our products are professional builders whose operations range from the construction of walls to the decoration of facades and premises, construction crews that are engaged in interior decorating, and private handymen.