Cedrus company has officially launched a new plant that makes a wide range of dry mixes.

The plant, located in Nevinnomyssk, Stavropol Kray, has the focus on developing quality products and giving best solution to customers.
Dry mixes are produced according to modern technologies with the use of equipment manufactured by leading European companies.

In Nevinnomyssk plant Cedrus suggests the extremely effective solution for dust-free ventilation of bag packaging using new type of PE bags. The ingenious packaging ventilation system enables a dust-free and thus clean, as well as rapid aeration.

“In its relations with customers, Cedrus has built a reputation of not just construction materials producer – we have evolved into a long-term business partner capable of delivering solutions for the most ambitious projects. The launch of this new high-tech facility is another important step towards this goal.” said Sergey Chubchev, CEO, Cedrus.

The new plant will annually produce 200 ton of dry mixes: modified dry mixtures, simple cement-sand mixture and raw materials.